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I am new to Arduino boards and I would like to describe what I want to achieve.
I would like to use analoge and digital sensors with an Arduino board and I would like the data to be sent wireless to a Mac in order to use it for example with Isadora or some other software. Could anyone advice me in this? I was thinking to use an Arduino One or the Mega 2560. But what do I need to make it wireless? I found some information about the Xbee and Xbee Shield, but I could not figger out what exactly I need: there is a small card (and of different types like Max) which fits on a bigger card (is that the shield?) which goes on an Arduino Mega?
I hope I made clear what my goal and problem is.
Thanks in advance.


You need a Wi-Fi shield, however these are expensive and they take up a lot of resource so there is not much room inside for the software you need to write to transfer your data.

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