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I received my arduino Uno today and I am very disappointed. The build quality is so very poor, I had to document it and share with the world my sadness.


Just to say I got mine today and I did not have these problems you had.

They wanted to make the arduino uno fcc approved? so they used octagonal pads for vias? If my knowledge is correct then these edges can make more noise then a standard round via.

Your knowledge on this is not correct, It is simply wrong.


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Return it. Seems "defective" to me.
Where did you buy it?


I dare you to attempt to build a bare board without looking at the eagle files to see what pad goes to what.

What bare board?  You can get an official Uno Bare Board ??
Where DID you get that bare board that you photographed?  Are the PCB shops already leaking pirate boards?

The published design files have a different silkscreen, and it would be up to the person have boards made whether they names/values on there...


Yeah, it looked a little fishy to me... is this reseller on Arduino's approved vendor list?

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