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Found the cable!

It blinks differently when connected to the USB.

3-fast blinks. Then a combo with a TX led and then continues to repeat
- - - .

Wanna know what goes down the TX?


[edit]Had to change the baud rate to get something other than garbage.[/edit]


Yea. I'm aware of Morse, holding WA6TKD. It just thought the mystery was who was actually loading the Morse sketch, factory or distributor and if it was an official open source sketch file available to load into older boards.



The bootloader runs three blinks, I think, and then starts the main application if it sees no serial activity.  With Uno, the initially loaded application is Firmata, which probably talks to the serial port.


*   Shouldn't there be something on the silkscreen (or copper) on the board to indicate which revision people are actually holding in their hot little hands?
   *  Shouldn't these revisions be documented somewhere?
   *  Shouldn't download file names be changed when the contents change?

Hardware is a bit backward when it comes to things like "version control."  Don't forget that the silkscreen of the reference design is not the same as the silkscreen of the shipping board (part of the anti-piracy measures.)


I wouldn't change the download name, because of people linking to the file. A revision in the name of the files containt in zip file would be good tough and of course a text file with the revison and the changes.


In my more publishable EAGLE files, I create a new layer "Edit History."  Then I'm supposed to add a text string to that layer for each "significant" edit.  Sometimes I even do so, although the definition of "significant" is up to a lot of interpretation...  Bumping the connector 10mils probably wouldn't qualify, except ... if it were the only change in an already-published schematic.

(The Freeduino PCBs (freeduino.org) are "good" examples. Sort of.)
(that reminds me that I have to fix their connector spacing!  Sigh.)


Hello All
Although this hardware version of the Arduino has been trumpeted as getting or having FCC approval, I have not seen it anywhere. I have looked and asked around. Can someone provide a link that proves it?


So is a good time to buy an ArduinoUNO or the problems iun factory still?
I dont need it urgent, si If you told me to wait, i could wait



So is a good time to buy an ArduinoUNO or the problems iun factory still?
I dont need it urgent, si If you told me to wait, i could wait

From what I have heard, the problems seem to have been resolved.

If you receive an iffy board then you just send it back for replacement.


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