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I don't know the Ethernet library, but there is nothing obvious to me wrong with the code.

Try putting a resistor, 1k to 10k, between arduino pin 0 and ground (but only when the arduino is not connected to a computer for programming, etc).

I wonder if some noise on the RX line is causing the bootloader to hang.  If your router is a wifi router, there could be plenty of RF noise to go around.

Does a single press of the reset button fix it every time, or do you have to try a few times before it starts working?

Do you hook up the ethernet cable before the USB cable?  maybe try powering up the Arduino before you plug in the ethernet cable.  If this seems to help, put a delay() of a few seconds in setup() to see if that helps.



Great advice kg4wsv

A Faraday cage would also help :)


I have tried all proposals without any success. I have even switched to
another router. Only USB connect or ONE single push on the reset button start up the ethernet link.


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Sorry, I'm stumped.  I see no reason for the behavior you observe.

Which ethernet shield are you using?



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