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Dear Community,

i am testing 1284p.
To get it work i've used newest avrdude of winavr.
Using 019.

Compiling Testsource of ~110k bin with uploading (1min of time) takes about 11mins?

Is that ok?
Seems, that something extremely slows down compiling.

Compiling takes about 25% CPU Power on Quad 2,6Ghz.
All 4 Cores are working.

Am I able to test something to verify that looong compile time?

Working on Windows7.

Debug shows nothing special.

Thank you!



Whoa that is a long time. The longest I have had is about 20 seconds for about 35k. This is on a 1.8Ghz with 1GB RAM running windows 7.

The new bootloader and setup on the new uno boards speeds up uploading but I'm afraid I have no idea why it would take that long currently.



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mmh, i got a old Linux mashine here also... running Lubuntu (Ubuntu based)...

i would give a try, but i am not very able to "shell" something there....

Is somebody here to give me some terminal commands to make arduino work with that old rusty guy under my table? ;)

can't imagine that apt-get install arduino works ;)

Greetings Chris

eg: maybe i have to remodify my arduino folder.... seems something gotten wrong, but it works ... uploading etc. but very slowly...

whoooaaa, i don't want to try it on linux... read on the installationguide for linux ... not time enough to try at the moment....


I think you'll get much better result under Linux. I have been using Linux from the beginning and compilation time has never been an issue.

You'll need to install avr-gcc. Take a look at the makefile Arduino uses (http://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Hacking/Makefile),  or you can get an idea of how to use command line by holding down shift key while compiling in the Arduino IDE, just look for the lines containing avr-gcc...

Good luck.


Thank you.

Yes, i will try... at the moment i got other issues which are more important.

There are parameters in preferences.txt (on Windows Mashines) to get a full debug while not holding shif down while compiling.

I think this should be possible an Linux, too.

I will have a look for switching for Linux, but actually theres not enough time for me to take all the changes...

Greetings ChrisS


The slow compile and upload time in windows is due to bad Java, try re-installing it.


Thank you....

but already tested yesterday....

I will test it on another WindowsXP mashine this afternoon....

Greetings ChrisS


I've been facing slow (about 1 min) compilation too, having Windows XP and an Arduino Mega 2560.

In a german forum thread ( http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1285102917/27 ) someone uninstalled MS Visual Studio and other stuff - but this didn't work for me.

I've discovered that on compilation a task "cmdagent" is very heavily using my cpu. After i killed that task in task manager compilation still works but is fast as lightning!  8-)

So i have to kill this task when i first compile after rebooting my pc.



I've discovered that on compilation a task "cmdagent" is very heavily using my cpu. After i killed that task in task manager compilation still works but is fast as lightning!

Sounds like a known issue with comodo firewall from a quick google search.


Thats it! Deactivating comodo results in a 5 second compilation instead of 60 - thats so nice :)

Thank you very much!!

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