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Guys, i m using a Arduino Duemilanove (Atmega 328) and Xbeeshield + Xbee (Series 1).

Normally, when i am transmitting data, i will connect up the microcontroller+shield+Xbee together.. I will use 5V and ground of the microcontroller and analog input A0 of the shield (Because they are overlapping)

However i want to connect the microcontroller (1 unit) seperately from the Xbeeshield +Xbee (1 unit)

I was wondering if the connection will be the same?

Is the micorocontroller and the Xbeesheild only link together by the ICSP headers? (the 6 pins)

Is there other wires that i need to connect to ensure i will get the same results as compared to connecting the microcontroller + Xbee +shield together? :)


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Going by memory, i'm pretty sure the xbee uses the tx and rx lines.
Connect the arduino tx to xbee rx and arduino rx to xbee tx.

Are you bypassing the shield?  The xbee operates at 3.3v!!!  Make sure you do level conversion if you are bypassing...

xbee rx = DIN
xbee tx = DOUT


no, i m not bypassing the shield...i will be connecting the microcontroller as one unit and the Xbeeshield+Xbee as another unit to transmit data wirelessly...

However, i do not know what wires to link the two units if they are connected separately...i know the ICSP headers needs to be connected..besides that,

like wad u said, i need to connect the arduino tx to xbee rx and arduino rx to xbee tx right?

Do i still need to do a level conversion? :)


i know the ICSP headers needs to be connected

No, they don't. The ICSP header provides the ground and +V connection, which you can provide in other ways. The only other connections needed are to TX and RX on the microcontroller.

However, if you have a shield, it isn't clear why you don't just plug it in.
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I have to seperate the shield and microcontroller because if i connect them together, it will be too thick. I am doing some hardware stuff..

Anyway, the ICSP header pin 2 connects to +5V and ICSP header pin 6 connects to Gnd...can i connect these 2 wires to link the microcontroller and shield together? (i.e. to power up the shield)  :)

Besides that, i will still to connect the TX pin (microcontroller) to DOUT (Xbee) and RX pin (microcontroller) to DIN(Xbee) right? :)

With all these connections, i can transmit data wirelessly right? (at the transmitter side)


If you are just transmitting, you only need the arduino tx connected to xbee shield rx plus power and ground.  Three wires..

If you are looking for bi-directional then also connect the arduino rx to xbee shield tx.


Can i get power and ground using pin 2 and pin 6 if the ICSP header? :)


I don't think that would be a problem.


ok...thank you for your prompt replies... :)

Appreciate that..i will get bak to u all if there is anything...thanks!! :)

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