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OH MY I AM SO JOYOUS I just fixed the problem in Windows 7.

here is what I did:

with arduino plugged in
click on the start menu
click devices and printers
scroll down to unspecified devices
right click FT232R USB UART
go to properties
click hardware tab
go to properties
click change settings
go to driver tab
click uninstall
unplug and replug arduino
when the driver installation note pops up click on it
you need to make sure your driver install settings are set so windows automatically searches for drivers (I forgot exactly how I did that)

and then I let it search for the drivers and it set up the com ports and every thing is working now.

:) after a whole day of trying to find a solution, I found it.  :)


Jun 23, 2010, 09:11 am Last Edit: Jun 23, 2010, 09:17 am by necrokid Reason: 1
:'( so I was able to upload one code after "fixing" the problem but now it is having the same error. UGHHHHHHHH  and I tried to do the same thing as before to fix it and it didn't work.

:-/NOTE: I did the "fix" again and it works again. also when I tried earlier I still had all the components hooked up to the board that I had for the code that was running, and my most recent try was without anything hooked up(except USB)  :-/


Aug 01, 2010, 07:47 pm Last Edit: Aug 01, 2010, 07:57 pm by pcbNut Reason: 1
i'm getting this same error with sparkfun FT232RL (FTDI basic) and a mini arduino pro, purchased this week. none of the above suggestions has helped. and frankly they all seem like voodoo. i might as well rub my hair and spit to the north.

i'm running software 0018, on an old thinkpad R30 under windows XP (sp2, i think). not sure why, but I also cant find device manager, to try setting com port speed.

however, i do see the tx light on the FTDI basic board blink three times during the upload process, before the error message

why do these sync problems happen, anyway?

perhaps related, I've not connected the CTS and DTR lines on FTDI basic board, since i don't see what are the matching pins on the  mini arduino pro.



Well, you need to connect DTR to the RESET pin. Otherwise no code upload. That should be the pin labeled 'green' or GRN.
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i find it odd that reset should be labelled grn, when there is a reset pin?

but okay, there are six wires to connect. if i just assume this is straight wiring, then i get...

ftdi         arduino
dtr(grn) -> grn
rxi      -> txo
txo      -> rxi
5v       -> vcc
cts      -> gnd
gnd(blk) -> blk

is this correct? is there an official document that shows the wiring?

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