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I had the same problem with the same sync error messages from avrdude.

I solved it (well at least for me)...

by setting my serial connection speeds to match the same speed as is specified in the "boards.txt" file in the "hardware" directory in your arduino installation location. In my case the old documentation speeds were slower than my newer arduino hardware.

I set my serial baud rates to 57600 (and NOT the 19200 stated in older documentation)

If you check the "boards.txt" file you will see an entry such as this:


Try changing your serial baud rate to match.

Hope this helps. :)


Try setting 'RTS on close' in the advanced settings for your serial port.  That fixed my unreliable upload with avrdude - finally.



I'm lucky to have more than one arduino, so when I encountered this problem I burned the bootloader using arduino as ISP.


Have you tried changing the serial port?

I'm new to arduino. I just used my friend's duemilanove. When i installed the USB converter driver on my PC it gave two COM port. The "Communication Port" and "USB Serial Port". You can check it on device manager.
At first i was using the "Communication Port" which was COM1, and the result was the same as yours. But when i change it to "USB Serial Port" which was COM3 it worked.


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I'm having the same problem that has been mentioned many times in this thread.  I am using windows vista on a laptop with a Duemilanove with an ATmega328.  The blinking light program that appears to come default with the board works fine.

My best guess is that the problem lies with the naming of the COM3 port, which I understand from past experience is the USB port if you have actual serial ports on your computer, which I do not.  Vista does not have any "ports" submenu in the Device manager, but I do see a "FTDI FT8U2XX Device", which my computer says is based at location "Port_#0001.Hub_#0001".  I have 4 USB ports and when i change the USB connection physically, it will change to Hub_#0002-Hub_#0004.  Within the Arduino sketch program, I can only select COM3 and this option remains checked regardless of whether I have a device connected or not.

Any advice?  I am really confused on this port naming business.

Edit:  I should also mention one last thing that Vista automatically detected drivers for the device the first time I plugged it in.  I'll reinstall the drivers, just in case.

Double Edit:  I tried adding a generic COM port just to make the option show up in device manager but it starts with COM5!  I try to change the name to COM3 or COM4 and it says they are in use even though I find no evidence of their existence within the Device Manager.  Wow, I really hate this computer right now.

Triple Edit:  Decided to give up and just use a friend's desktop and it worked first try :P.


I had the same trouble today and I've sorted it out for XP:  The drivers for the serial interpreter must be loaded.  When you plug in the board to a USB port, manually browse for where XP can find the driver within the Arduino folder.  It will install this driver, and then recognize yet another "new" device on the USB port.  Do the same thing, manually show XP the Arduino driver folder.

Now a new port will appear in the Arduino console (I don't know whether you must restart the Arduino program or not).  Anyway, it works fine now!

I did try changing baud rates before with no luck.  This was done on an old XP machine which had only 2 USB ports.  Before, I had a choice of COM1 and COM2: neither work.  Now COM4 is added to Arduino's list of ports, and this works for uploading.

Good luck!


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:-[ I have found something out. The usb connection can provide power but not a data connection. the cable was not all the way in


Y E S !!!!!

I had the same problem with my MEGA Board.
Code: [Select]
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51
Think it was caused by a faulty sketch upload. After that the board did blink the LED13 like crazy. and the errro uccured when i try to upload any sketch.


make a big sketch (so that you have more time for the following actions).

  • unplug the board.
  • Hold down/short circuit the reset button/pin while the board has no current (is off).
  • click on UPLOAD in arduino ide.
  • while the sketch compiles power up the board with still pressed the  reset button.
  • -->RIGHT in the moment where Arduino IDE says "sketch size xxxx..." release the reset button so the board boots up....

If you are lucky and hit the right time the RX/TX leds begin to flicker and the sketch is uploaded.  8-)

I can not say how exactly the time of releasing the reset button must be hit. For me it worked on the first try!  :)

I also tried the describes solutions with reinstalling Driver, differnet PC and so on. but nothing worked.
- NOW my board is like it was before. uploading a new sketch woks like desingned. no tricks or workarounds are needed.

Just for info: I'm using Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

Just wantet to tell you that I soled this problem. Maybee anybody finds this post useful!

Regards Bernd



I 'm new to arduino platform so after playing around a bit with my first board (Duemilanove Atmega328) and a servo motor, I started having the same errors.
It turns out that I accidentally damaged the bootloader and/or the controller  :o,  and replacing the chip with a new one, i.e. only the controller not the entire board, solved my hardware problem.

Reading and following the advices on avrdude this thread (2007-2009)  I have also noticed that not all upload speed settings work even when set correctly in both:


and in (WinXP SP3):

Device Manager > Port (COM & LPT) > USB Serial Port (COMxx) > Properties > Port Settings > Bits per second

In my case the only setting which actually works is:  57600 bps.
I guess this has something to do with the year the boards have been manufactured: the more recent  they are the higher upload speed setting they use ... evolution  ;)

Thank you all for your hints and advices on this forum!



So I'm getting the same error on my ATMega328 Lilypad. I've tried a lot of the suggestions on here to no avail.
It's not the cable, the breakout board or the computer as I was able to upload to 6 other boards. This last one is the only one with the issue.

The onboard light blinks differently then the others when reset. It blinks normally 3 times, then begins to speed up it's blink until the light is on steadily. Then it repeats this.

I'm thinking bootloader... But when I try to burn a new one, it complains that there is no usb device!
I'm connected to COM12, which I know an old post said to change, but I tried and no change. Not to mention I uploaded to the other 6 boards from this port with no issue.

I'm running windows 7, using 0017, and the code complies fine.




If you skipped over Da_Hero's solution go back and give it a try, it even works with SparkFun's Ft232R Breakout Board!  If it works for you spread the word and make a note in this thread so others won't miss it.


Tried that, didn't work.


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Hope this helps someone. I had the very same error and tried everything said here. Then I had the idea to change my usb cable, so I switched it for the one the printer has, and it worked!, now it uploads smoothly and with no errors. So maybe it's all because of faulty usb cables!.

Edit: Nevermind... It stopped working again, sigh  :'(


Hi, I have the same problem :'(
When I try to upload sketches I have this output:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

I am using an arduinoBT board on W7.I'm not expert so I tried only a few of the solutions above mentioned, also because many include cables, I don't need them :).I tried to reinstall the board with a different port (default was 41, I used 5) but it still doesn't work....
I need urgent help!!

(sorry if I've wrote something wrong in english  :-[)



The suggestion of Da_Hero works for me.

I was getting the
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

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