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Next attempt.

Plugged Duemilanove back into Vista PC today - same upload error as described in forums. Messed with boards.txt and serial settings - no luck.

Switched to XP box, same problem.

Unit finally started working when I ran a multimeter between Gnd and pin 1 (reset) on the ATIMEGA328 chip (to check pin voltage) and pressed the Reset button. Suddenly the old program on the board reloaded and I could upload fine.

My current theory is the reset switch on the board may be dodgy.


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Sorry if been posted already... solution here:
Don't connect pins 0 & 1 when uploading! (RX/TX Atmega328)
Just unplugging my shield`s GND I can upload.


Hey did anybody face this problem on windows 7!!??
im facing it..and its difficult to get out of this..
my arduino is a brand new duemilanove .opened it today..and uploaded the blink program..and whoaa!! error!!!
and the twist here is..i got the led blink when i disconnected and connected the usb back..but with the same error written ..
when i edited the delay periods..nothing changed much..
however i could see some erratic behaviour of the led for sometime..and then it conitued to blink in the similar earlier fashion..
i particularly doubt the drivers which were automatically installed at the startup..but arduino.cc says ..it works!! on vista..and so it should on 7 too...!!but why is the problem persisting.!!
guys..help me out!!


I resolved it..forgot the basics....after a long time of scratching heads..I found that
For whoever have seen this comment..thanx for your time..  :) ..



I have similar problems as above:
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x30
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

Tried the suggestions, baudrate settings of my USB port (COM8, so below 10). Tried several baudrate settings (115k, 9600, 19200) to no avail.

Win7 pro
ATMega328 (TQFP32 as I built the board myself) -bootloader: ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328.hex

The LED connected to PIN13 blinks regularly, when starting up rapid blinks (4x).

When uploading, the LEDs on the FTDI chip blink for a short period (communication?)
>:( :-?

Any ideas?



I had this problem, and I was just now able to solve it by using a modified method from this thread. I am using a sparkfun FT232R breakout board, and a breadboard arduino tutorial from here. I use the usb breakout board to provide +5v, gnd, TX, and RX. To get the sketch to upload, I plug in the usb cable, hold down the reset button on the arduino, and then release the reset button when the "code compiled" message comes up.

I am using Windows 7.
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I'm using an intel Mac and had the rapid flashing pin 13 problem. It started I think because I'm dual boot with windows and rebooted into window while the arduino was plugged in but I don't ever use it on the windows side. When I switched back to Mac later I noticed the Rapid flashing and I couldn't upload a new sketch.

I finally fixed it using the method of holding the reset while I plugged it in, uploading a sketch and letting go of reset right after compiling ended and upload was just starting.

Hope this helps someone some day.
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i have this error when i m trying to upload my program on arduino atmega328 on XP:
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

i coose my com6 and the board. Plz someone can help me?


I had this very same problem with my brand new arduino nano v3.0
It turned out that my nano had a 168 chip, not 328, wich i was certain it had. When this was corrected in the IDE, everything works great.

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