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Hmm, a few problems.

just got a UNO board today. Pretty sure I have followed the directions properly, time may tell.

I used this guide to install the UNO on XP

(see edit)

Initially I could not find UNO listed in any of the ports (as the guide assured me it would be), but at least I did see it listed under 'Other devices'.

From THIS thread  (see edit) all I found the hint to simply right click and update drivers (even tho it was not in a port).

Well, that was great and it seemed all was well. Windows seemed to do it's bit.

Windows makes it's usual noises when you plug a machine in, the green power light is on and an LED is merrily blinking away.

However, when I click on the shortcut I get the following message

Launch 4j

an error occurred while starting the application.

I have tried searching for what a 'launch 4j' error might be, but no luck.

So I click OK on that error message, it will disappear yet a couple of minutes later it will open anyway (ie the IDE will appear).

If I do anything in it at all, then it will not go away and the only way to stop it is use alt control delete and end the process. ( and no, if I try to upload nothing happens...the TX and RX buttons do nothing...I eventually get an error message that there is a problem).

I hope I have included enough info to give a guide, but I am not all that good with computers, and unfortunately the 'simple and easy' installation is not for this situation.

sigh.  ;D

Hoping there is a simple enough solution.

edit  Ok, I have to remove any links from this post (cannot link until I have posted something), anyway I followed the tutorials on how to install the program.


hmm, not a lot of help.

anyway, I THOUGHT I had done a search of launch 4j error (which returned nothing) but I must have had a typo, as I just did another search which turned up (quite a few) threads with people having exactly the same problems as I did.

I am very uneducated with computers, so some of the solutions seemed very daunting to say the least, but a few common themes turned up, one which I suspected might have applied to me being that of some sort of problem due to bluetooth (I noticed all these bluetooth ports in the set up phase).

Being as dumb as I am with computers, about the easiest and only thing I could do was delete bluetooth and see what happened , ie throw the coin and pray.

Long story short, as soon as I removed bluetooth the program up and loaded and everything is working fine.

Personally I have no need for bluetooth on my computer...not even really sure what it is anyway!! haha, so it is no skin off my nose to delete it.

I cannot help you if you have my problem yet need bluetooth!

Thanks to all who looked (at least), I am mainly posting this for the possible benefit of future readers.

I WOULD l;ike to make the following observation if I may, hope I do not offend too many. It did seem a relatively common problem, quite a few threads on it (and mostly recent too, does that coincide with a new release of something??), yet in the majority of cases those posters asking for help did not get an awful lot.

that could indicate that a search should fix most of the cases (as I said, I did search but missed it first time around) yet given the title of this subforum, I wonder if there should be sticky threads for the common problems that come up? An obvious title choice for a thread dealing with this subject would be 'launch 4j error', I and many others would find these sticky threads very easily.

Anyway, luckily for me it was an easy fix, hope it helps others. there are other fixes in the threads on this subject, so have a look at them if bluetooth does not apply to you.

and maybe one day all the solutions might appear in the one sticky thread (and for all the other common problems)



There are quite a few posts on this subject, but very little information. I saw a request on a list for running the application in a cmd.exe box to gather more info. I removed the preferences.txt file a few times of trying. I don't have any bluetooth anywhere and not in my computer for sure. Since nobody has any idea how to trouble shoot this problem does this mean Arduino.exe does not really work on Windows XP sp3?

Any thoughts anyone ?


hi terry j  i have also have a arduino uno. if the short-cut isn't working you might try opening the arduino00022 folder.from there you can open the arduino app.and for the down loading error you might want to unplug from any hubs aand plug in on the tower.thats all i did when i had uploading problems.also try uploading the software again. ;) thats all hope it helps!

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