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So I am having the issue where the virtual COM port for my arduino BT (COM5) is not even showing up in the arduino IDE.  I am connected to the board with windows' bluetooth connection services and it provides the port, but I can't open the port.  I even tried a different serial monitor and no luck.

I am using Arduino 0021 on windows 7.

I have a duemilanove USB.  Can I use that to program the BT?  If so how?  I've tried simly connecting the TX and RX to each other but that doesn't work.


@Jdubulator, I am having an identical issue.

If someone could explain either about connecting the SV2 resistor to GND, does it need to be a permenant connection?

Or like Jdubulator asks, can I program the arduino BT via a duemilanove USB arduino?

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