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Hi, I have just spent all evening trying to upload and, thanks to all your help, finally it works. What I did...

I changed the Boards.txt file bt.upload.speed to 115200.

I loaded a sketch (in this case, it was blinkm communicator - I also changed baud rate in the sketch to 115200).

Power up the arduinoBT, wait around 10 seconds until it loads the boot sequence (i.e. pin13 LED is flashing in triplets).

Hold down reset button for ~2 seconds, release, wait 1 or 2 seconds for pin13 LED to flash a couple of times, and just after as it goes out, upload the sketch.

Hope the rest of you manage to get it working, the bluetooth connectivity is a dream!


Hello patrickscotland,

what system and OS are you using? what IDE are you using?

I am having problems with Vista32 and IDE 0011...

Much appreciated.


The IDE is up to version 18. Is there some reason you are running such an old version?
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arduino 0011 release notes:

* Improved reliability for uploading to Arduino BT.

I have also been using Arduino 0018, but still no luck :(

I am able to successfully pair with the ArduinoBT using a Belkin Mini Bluetooth Dongle and set up a COM port, but occasionally the Serial list from the Tools drop down menu is greyed out, and I have selected ArduinoBT from the boards list.

thank you patrickscotland


ArduinoBT users that have problems:

- i used a Mac and had no problems... seems like macs have a better serial port manager.

good luck to you all.


So I am having the issue where the virtual COM port for my arduino BT (COM5) is not even showing up in the arduino IDE.  I am connected to the board with windows' bluetooth connection services and it provides the port, but I can't open the port.  I even tried a different serial monitor and no luck.

I am using Arduino 0021 on windows 7.

I have a duemilanove USB.  Can I use that to program the BT?  If so how?  I've tried simly connecting the TX and RX to each other but that doesn't work.


@Jdubulator, I am having an identical issue.

If someone could explain either about connecting the SV2 resistor to GND, does it need to be a permenant connection?

Or like Jdubulator asks, can I program the arduino BT via a duemilanove USB arduino?

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