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HI, I have an audrino mega 1280,

I am currently running it on USB power, but am trying to integrate the ultrasound sensor (parallax ping)))). But when ever I connect the parallax to the 5v supply pin, the Arduino automatically shuts down.

Please help, why is this happening?


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The arduino board will shutdown power if you attempt to draw more then 500ma from the USB power port, via a on-board thermofuse. This is because the USB standards say that is the max current any device should try and draw for a USB port.

If your  parallax ping board isn't suppost to draw that much current, then you should look for a wiring error or some other reason for the high current draw. If the parallax board is suppost to draw 500ma or more then you require an external +5vdc regulated DC power supply to utilize it.



ok, thanks.

you were right, the wiring was wrong

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