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hungerburg: which version of the Arduino software are you using?  When you reset the board, is there a pause of a few seconds before your sketch starts to run?


hello mellis,

I am running the version that is shipped with debian unstable, it declares itself as 0.0007alpha. after transmitting the code to the card, there is a pause of about five seconds, before the program starts to run. I do not have to reset the board, ie. push the switch, but the board resets itself when the transmission starts (most of the time at least). sending the program immediately after pushing the reset button on the board worked too (command line not IDE though).




Hmm, you might try the Linux version of Arduino 0009 from: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software.  We switched from uisp to avrdude because of these kinds of issues.  Of course, if you're happy with the command line, that's fine too, although there are other improvements (in particular some optimizations to make sketches smaller).


The 0009 version / avrdude works fine! I got me the debian package only after downloading/running that one, because this one helped me conveniently fulfill the dependencies.

I did not realize those are different versions. One of the reasons may be, that the page with the link to the debian package looked like maintained, while its not.

thank you.



I have tried all you say, but always i have the same mesage "Programmer is not responding."  maybe the software (arduino 0007 Alpha) have a bug? I try in windows with Arduino 0005 and arduino returns "Programmer is not responding." but if I change the microcontroler, the mesage change, in linux (0007) no, and in windows arduino 0005 reset the board, in linux arduino 0007 no, and when i try to download the program to the board the TX led blink, in linux it still off when you try to download the program.

I don't like to change the board...  :( :'(

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