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Hi guys, I have recently bought an Arduino Pro Mini 5V, sparkfun logic level converter and a Nonin OEM lll. According to the datasheet and research i have found, the logic level converter is required because the OEM lll operates at 3.3V, whereas the Pro Mini operates on 5V, so it acts as a step down voltage.
As for the datasheet for the OEM lll, the output will be pin 11 and the inputs are pin 16, 15, 13, 9 and 10.
Pin 16-3.3V dc
Pin 15-Gnd
Pin 13-Reset
Pin 9-Serial Data Format Switch
Pin 10-Serial input
Pin 11-Serial output

Can someone please guide me along for the connections for the Nonin OEM lll?


Com on, now. 44 posts and you still don't know that the first question is always "where is the link to the device in question?".
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.



Well if it's this thing it should be able to run of 5v


Think you only need to connect j1-15 and j1-11

Depending on the what kind of serial format you want you need a resistor to ground an j1-9

And you need to feed power (5v) to the device.


Thanks for the answer wortelsoft. I think the 5v will be connected to the J1-16(pin 16).

I thought of using the Serial Data Format 2, which is the default format, do you have any clues on how am i going to start the program? I am not unfamilar with the bits and bytes and how it works.

Please help (:

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