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I just picked up a netbook, Asus Eee to be exact. The arduino sketch pad wont let me choose a board...the menu never comes out. Does anyone have this issue? Am i screwed for using the netbook with the arduino?


At one time (couple years back) I managed to install the system on my EeePC 900A (this was likely version 12) - its since been wiped by a re-install of Xandros, but I bet if you switched out to something more modern (Ubuntu Net Remix 10.10, perhaps), you could get it working. I wouldn't give up just yet...
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I have an Asus EEE 900 with Ubuntu 10.04 (Just the vanilla 32 bit version), Arduino works fine.  I wasn't a fan of Xandros.


Arduinos love netbooks! http://arduinoetcetera.blogspot.com/2011/01/hardware-hack-arduino-inside.html

I think you really do just have a driver issue.


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I think you really do just have a driver issue.


Are you sure that the downloading/unzipping of the IDE worked properly?



wich eee is it?
Wich OS do you run?


There's nothing special about Netbooks.

I'm baffled why people think they are special computers.  They are just low-end laptops.
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