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I am having a problem connecting to the Arduino Uno on a MacBook Pro. The Uno shows up in the Arduino IDE and I can download sketches to it. But, it does not show up in LiveCode (formerly Runtime Revolution) as a serial port. Livecode can not see USB. In trying to communicate from LC to Arduino I opened up the System Profiler and noticed that the Arduino Uno does NOT show up under Network/Modem at all but does show up under Hardware/USB/USB Bus. This is a problem as it is not showing up as either a registered serial driver (like the FTDIUSB...) and it does not show up as a 'true' modem either.

I can access it via Terminal. What is the difference between how the Uno is registered by the system and how it is accessible by non-usb software? Is there a tool or solution that can make or force the Uno to show up as a registered Serial port or as a real modem as in listed as a modem in the Network/Modems section of System Profiler???

Any ideas?


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