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I have been trying to get the arduino xbee shield up and running with two XBee's and there appears to be a problem loading the sketch when externally powering the boards.  I have verified this by uploading the "Blink" sketch. When the Xbee shield is plugged in (doesn't matter whether the jumpers are in the USB or XBEE position), Blink won't load, evidenced by the LED fast blinking 3 times.  When I disconnect the xbee shield, Blink loads and runs.  This is the same behavior when I'm trying to get 2 Xbees to communicate. Yes, I have already configured the XBees using X CTU.  And I have gone thru numerous samples from numerous forums/blogs.  The marketing hype of this system will tell you this works straight out of the box.  Which appears to be a bunch of crap.  I'm involved in a serious project and can't be fooling around with a tinker toy system.
If this is a typical problem, I'm moving on to a real development system


Does it work with it plugged in to usb power?

1:The external power doesn't have enough current.
2:Defective shield.
3:Defective xbee.

Does the arduino boot without the radio module installed?
If yes, then the radio is bad, if not then there's a problem with the shield.

Of course all of this is assuming you have nothing else being powered by your external source.


Thanks for your reply.

It works when the shield is not plugged in.
It works with the shield plugged in and no radio plugged in.

It does not work with the radio plugged in.

Both radios Bad?  seems unlikely but  maybe!


BUT, I was able to talk to and program parameters into the radios using X CTU.  So, I'm not sure about your theory.


Yea, I doubt both radios are bad.  Sounds like a power issue.  Any way of trying a different external power source?

I've only used usb power for my xbees.

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