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I'm entirely new to the Arduino platform but have some limited experience with other chips.  I have no problem uploading to my Uno via USB and running perfectly lovely sketches.  However, when I unplug the power and plug in a battery instead, or even plug the USB back in, the Uno always reverts to the factory default blink behavior.  Is there some protocol I need to follow in the software to get my sketch to stick? Thanks.


What happens if you upload a sketch, run it, then hit the reset button on the Uno?
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If I upload a sketch, run it, then hit the reset button, I see a couple of startup blinks and then the sketch begins to run again properly.

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The "startup blinks" are the bootloader saying hello.  I believe the bootloader runs 2 seconds.


Yeah, I get that.  The problem is that when I de- and re-power the board, the blinking just goes on forever, no matter what sketch was loaded before I powered down.  I feel like I'm just missing a step somewhere due to inexperience.

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