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Topic: power supply trouble with 6 x 1.2V AA accus (Read 2 times) previous topic - next topic


i built a robot powered by 2 servos SM-S4303R. Before i used a 9V battery for supplying the arduino and servos via the external power supply. all went well and as expected, only battery life was not that long.
Today i changed to a 6 x 1.2V rechargable AA battery powerpack with 2500 mAh each.
Now, connected to the external arduino supply it does not work, servos turn but in reverse direction and not as programmed. Connecting the usb and all is ok at once. i measured the powerpack output voltage as 8.4 V.
btw all AA´s are freshly recharged.


The servo seems to be rated upto 6V only.  It may be pulling excess current with that battery pack and becoming unstable.  The 9V battery probably limited the current and thus reduced the loop gain of the servo.   Could you run the Arduino and the servo from 4 cells (4.8V)?
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MarkT> thanks your input.
justed tryed to run on 4 cells. now only one servo turns, randomly starting foreward or backward direction.


Sadly you may have damaged your servos as they are typically rated as requireing 4.5 to 6 volts, with 6 volts as a maximum. 7.5vdc may have been too much.



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Are you using the servos with or without the regulator?
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