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Hi! I have one main question about the Xbee Arduino shield PINs
I try to comunicate between to Xbees. All its set up and they works good.

When I upload the program to arduino board with the Xbee arduino shield pins in USB mode
all thinks work
but the signals are send just when I switch the pins to the XBEE Mode

Is it the right way? I mean every time I have to send an input I have to wait to upload the program in Arduino with the Pin in USB mode and then, just when I switch them in Xbee mode the signals are send??

This is not a real control.

please help me maybe there is a library or something that I haven't already done, to send the signal to xbee from an other without switch everytime the pins on the xbee shield.

Thanks anyway :)



If you want to upload to the Arduino, the jumpers need to be in one position.

If you want to use the XBees, the jumpers need to be in the other position.

This is necessary because the XBee and the USB port that the upload process uses share the same pins. The jumper defines which device owns the pins.
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