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;D yay! My arduino decimilia came today.

Tickler is happy now cause my lilypad is now programmable. Now that I know what to do I connected in an instant.

I learned that to upload to the lilypad via the decimilia, the RX on the decimilia connects to the TX on the lilypad (and vice-versa). This makes sense 'cause outbound should go to inbound, etc.

:( ohhhh, i wish it didn't cost me $20 bucks for enlightenment

on the upside, now i can go to raves and burning man sporting my new lilypad powered electro clothes  :)


NO WAY  ::)

I was able to upload the blink sketch to the lilypad.

Then I modified the pin value in the blink sketch, recompiled, and attempted upload with lilypad selected.

The result was the sync error. Thinking I needed to upload to the diecimila I disconnected the lilypad, reset the diecimila and uploaded to it without issue.

Then I reconnected the lilypad, selected lilypad from the IDE, reset the lilypad and attempted upload again.

The upload to the lilypad failed and now the led no longer blinks from the blink sketch. It's like the lilypad lost the blink sketch and was replaced with nothing and i can't upload anything now. I know this sounds crazy. Note that my lilypad does not appear fried cause the led still blinks regularly with the tx/rx connected to the arduino.

Arrrrrrrrrgh !!

Pirate arrrgh.

With the diecimila I have changed pins, powered LED's, etc, etc all within 30 minutes of receiving it.

The lilypad has been nothing but PAIN.

Leah - respectfully, can i send you my lilypad to check it out?

this can't be just me...the deicimila is like a parkwalk to me so i'm fairly sure i'm not a total idiot :-/


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OK, first of all, did you remove the AVR chip from the Diecimilla before you tried to program the LilyPad?  Two chips attached via the same communication bus will really confuse the computer.  Try that first!

Second, I have to confess that I've never tried programming the LilyPad via the Diecimilla board because I thought that the auto reset functionality on that board might interfere with the LilyPad communication.  This is why I recommend using an NG.  But, your post makes me realize that I should have concrete results to report back on with Diecimilla.  I'll do tests as soon as I get a chance.

Third and sad possibility is that you may have fried your LilyPad when you fried your mini USB adapter.  You probably had a pretty bad power-ground short going for awhile (via the coductive foam) and this makes all electronics unhappy.  If you'd like to send me your LilyPad you're welcome to.  Email me & I can give you my address...

I'm sorry that you'd had a bad experience!  I trust in your competence programming wise & I know how you've feel.  I have been in your boat many times.  From this discussion, I suspect that it was the conductive foam that killed things for you...  Don't give up on the LilyPad yet!

& send a comment to SparkFun about your connection travails, requesting a nicer interface ;-)  This will help me persuade them to invest in a redesign.


I also have this "sync" problem with a Lilypad and USB link purchased in 2008. I gave up after a while and moved on to Rabbit. My interest was rekindled recently when someone confirmed that a Windows pc could be used (after all). I now have a Windows 7 64-bit box but the error persists, even with the latest IDE (22). I saw the discussion in this thread about possible reversal of rx and tx between the devices and thought that would explain my lack of success after trying almost everything else. But, even after reversing the two middle pins, I get the same "sync/protocol" errors posted above. There was no conducting foam or shorting since I know about that. I had put everything away carefully before trying again.

Leah, can you suggest anything else?

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