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James C4S

the system crashed and it behaves as if the Duemilanove was an attacking object, it didn't accept it .

You'll need to give a more detailed description on what is going on, if you want a serious answer.
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ok right after i connected the board the computer turned off and every time i turned it on i got a blue screen with a Physical memory dump error, i could reach my files but it kept restarting, So please any suggestion now i want to connect it to another lenovo laptop with vista operating system and not sure of doing it


Sounds like a seriously sick PC to me.  As far as the PC is concerned the arduino appears as a serial over USB connection. If just plugging that in causes it to blue screen, the problem is your PC.  It shouldn't cause a problem on a PC that works properly.  It certainly isn't a threat.

If you are really worried, you could remove the 328/168 chip from the Duemilanove and then try it, it has no capabilities beyond being a serial interface like that.  If it still blue screens, which is likely, the problem is definitely the PC.



The other thing is you could have a short circuit on the arduino and the computer is shutting down because of it. Most computers have some sort of protection on the USB port but you could be taking the main power supply out with your board or faulty lead.

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