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I'm after a definitive answer on if an idea i've got for a little project is possible

I want to have a Ethernet connected arduino duemilanove, which is connected to an rfid reader... it then does two things with the rfid tag info, firstly it saves it on the sd card (with a real time, simestamp) and secondly sends it to a web server (running php) and also i want to be able to trigger a sequence of LEDS, (6 leds )

and ideally i'd like to be able to read 2 separate rfid reader, and also be aware of the link status to the web server and mark any unsent rfid info stored on the card as unsent (for later syncing, or when the connection returns a catchup transmission)

I understand that this is pretty complex, and I've seen some suitably complex projects out there........ I'd like to find out what's possible, what's not and if i need to reset my ideas what might be "do-able"

thanks for any help

BTW, I've also posted a workshop idea for South Wales UK, so if you see this and are interested in that, please let me know...




Sure its possible. But all the equipment will cost a lot, but the real challenge will be in the code. Wiring shouldn't be too hard-Plug in the shield, plug in the reader, plug in an ethernet cord, plug in LEDs. If you run out of inputs check out a demultiplexer and a shift register.

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