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I'm made ARDUINO SEVERINO SERIAL SINGLE SIDED VERSION 3 S3v3 (REVISION 2), but i can't find atmega8-16, can i use atmega8L-8pu in this version of arduino?
[sorry, i'm russian, and my english not well as i want]

Fat D

You can, but keep in mind that they are not guaranteed to run on 16 MHz. They usually do, though. You can also substitute an ATmega168-10PU or an ATmega328P-20PU, both can easily run at 16 MHz and have Arduino-compatible firmwares shipped with the Arduino client software.


Will 16mHz quratz in this arduino  kill atmgea8l-8pu?



The 8l-8pu is able to run on low voltage and it is GUARANTED to run up to 8mhz clock,  on faster clock it may be unstable



I need another bootloader for this atmega?

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