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I've been talking about this in the Arduino irc room for a few days and thinking about various aspects of it, and I've finally put together a page about what I've named "The Unduino Challenge".

It's a not-so-serious Arduino based challenge aimed at everyone from total beginners to half-cyborgs, in which a simple objective is set - but the obvious solutions are not the most desired.

You can read more information here.

Feel free to leave questions and comments either in here, or as a comment on that page (anonymous commenting should be enabled).

Hopefully there will be enough interest to give this a good go!


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Love the idea!

Although it might seem counter-productive to design these machines I think they are great for beginners to better understand what and why some things / methods are bad practices.

Any spesific ideas on tasks?


I dont know about counter-productive. Inefficient, almost certainly - but not counter-productive! Think of all the stuff you will learn!

I've had a couple of ideas for tasks. The initial one that I came up with (which won't be used, so I will tell you as an example) is:

Turn on a light when a button is pressed.

The obvious solution is to use a pushbutton and LED straight into the Arduino. There are an infinite number of other solutions, though (turning on your porch light when a key on your piano is pressed, for example). Those are the solutions that this challenge is looking for!



Ooft, how did I leave that out!? I love Heath Robinson!


Turn on a light when a button is pressed.
For example, there was an instructable on getting a (real, hardware) button to work with a PC running MaxMSP/Puredata: The idea was that you set it up to output an audio tone on one of the earphone channels, put the button in between the audio out and audio-in, and then use an "audio meter object" with a threshold to trigger an event when the button actually connected the tone to the input.


It was cheap, effective, and the average PC has plenty of power to do such things.  But I was quite boggled...


I'll give it a go, when are you going to post the challenge?


How does the first of February sound for everyone?




How does the first of February sound for everyone?

I'm ready fo' sho! 8-)

Italo Lima


Whoops, thought today was the first of February! Sorry about that!

The very first challenge is up at the original URL, but here it is again:


The first challenge is:


Have fun ;)

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