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Well I got a arduino duemilanove for christmas which was really cool.  I learn how to run 6 leds and was about to figure out how to control a digital display but its not working now.  I haven't touch it for a while since I play with the led to start off.  What it does is this:  I can run a sketch without it being plug to the computer and it doesn't say anything but goes ahead and compile it.  Then when I connect the arduino to the computer the TX and RX flash about two time together and then the built in led will flash for about 6 times and stop.  Anyone know what might be wrong???  Hope someone can help I was really getting into this.


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The IDE has no "run", the triangle button says "verify" but really means "compile."  You can do this with or without the board connected.  This is expected behavior.  If successful, it will tell you the final size of the compiled program in the output area of the IDE window.

Once you've verified/compiled, you can attach the Arduino to your PC.  You will see the TX/RX LEDs flash briefly as the card starts running, then the LEDs or other things you've hooked up should do whatever your sketch told them to do.

You have to use the Upload button to actually replace the current program on the board, with the just-verified version of the program on your PC.  If you do this, the board will self-reset, you'll see more TX/RX flickering, pause, then start running the new program.

If your built-in LED flashes more than once when you plug it in, that's because the sketch is telling pin 13 to do it.

We can only guess as to why it might stop.  Show the code.  If you cut/paste your whole sketch into this forum, be sure to surround it with [code]...[/code][/b] tags.


It seem to don't want to load any codes.  I try running the sketch blink program and it won't do anything.  All it does is compile it and tell me how big my sketch is.  Also I reinstall the driver and all. The only time the TX RX flash is when I plug the board up and it flash different then before.  It flash together two time and stop and led flash a view time with what it seem like half a second delay and completely stop.  Could there be something wrong with the chip.  


Try menu item file->upload to I/O board.

There's an icon to do it straight from the ide.  It's the second icon from the right.


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Is this problem spesific for that program? Have you succsessfully uploaded blink (or any other example scetch)? If yes, does it still work?

Have you selected the correct serialport?

Do you get any warnings?

That was alot of questions, maybe some of them are answered already... :-[


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When I first got it I was able to.  Then I tested 6 led and it still work find.  Also I was starting to work on the digital display which at the time I had only half the side hook up and was beginning to get those to work.  Then I set it aside for a while and try hooking up the rest and nothing never work.  I can't seem to get any codes to upload to it, not even the blink sketch now.  Also like I stated before when I did try to upload a code to it and it wasn't connected to the computer it would tell me there wasn't anything connect and it couldn't run the code.  Now it act like its connect even though its not.


what happens if you

1) insert usb into arduino (using USB power)

2) starts Arduino IDE

3) select the correct 'Tools->Serial Port'

4) opens 'File->Scetchbook->Examples->Digital->Blink'

5) uploads to I/O Board

If you get any response write them in your next post here :)
Leds flashing, Arduino IDE messages.

This seems a bit odd.


what happens if you

1) insert usb into arduino (using USB power)
Power light comes on and RX TX both bink at the same time twice.  Then the led blink about 6 times and stop.

2) starts Arduino IDE
LED blink twice really quick and stopped.

3) select the correct 'Tools->Serial Port'
COM4, is the only option.

4) opens 'File->Scetchbook->Examples->Digital->Blink'

5) uploads to I/O Board
It compile it:  Beinary sketch size: 1124 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum).  The board didn't flash or anything.  

A question I do have is that I recently started having problem with my Generic Cardbus Controller.  Could that be causing this issue then and if so would anyone know how to fix this.  Thanks for all your help I just really want to get back to learning with my arduino.


[edit]5) uploads to I/O Board
It compile it:  Beinary sketch size: 1124 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum).  The board didn't flash or anything.  

Now i hope i don't sound like an idiot but are you aware that compiling and uploadeing are two different things that each has it's own button in the toolbar ?

pressing the triangular compile button does only compile the program, it does not upload it to the board.


Jan 12, 2009, 03:22 pm Last Edit: Jan 12, 2009, 03:23 pm by demonic_crow Reason: 1
Thank you very much.  I just don't ever recall pushing the upload button to get it to work.  All I have ever done was push the verify button or I just completely forgot about that last step which I'm sure I did so I feel stupid now.  Well thanks everyone for helping me out here.  Now I will get started on my digital display and see where you guys can help me out on it or give me advice.

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