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Vancouver Reefer

Could somebody please tell me if this display can be used in serial communication with an arduino?:


If not can it be used on the 4bit system??

Sorry for being such a newb!!!!


Its not serial, but should be fine with 4 or 8 bit interface method.


Rick S.

I just got my 2x16 LCD working with my Arduino.  it's not the same one, but it looks pretty much exactly like the one you have there, with the same pinouts and everything.  Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like most of the parallel displays out there follow this same type of connection, either 4 or 8-bit parallel data with RS, R/W and E lines and power connections.

I'd say you're probably safe.  make sure you pick up some male headers so you can connect this to a breadboard easily.



The "standard" LCD interface is really just the interface of a particular LCD driver chip, the HD44780:


That chip is so widely used in LCD modules that they nearly all have the same pinout, signals and command set.

Vancouver Reefer

Thanks guys,

Got it all working but now im trying to find out how to write data to all four lines as all i can find is code and info on 2 line displays!!!

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