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I want to make a really tiny wireless mouse, and I need to connect a Blackberry optical trackpad to an Arduino, and I'm not sure how to physically connect to the right leads.

How do you guys solder to really small stuff?

I have two options:

This connector type thing, about 1cm in length (.39"), that I don't have a female plug for. It appears it doesn't exist.  :smiley-sad:

Or this ribbon that I have no idea how I could solder something on there. These pads seem a tad bigger than those pins.

Also, I suck @ soldering  :smiley-eek-blue:
I'm beginning to see why I couldn't find anybody successfully interfacing one of these.



found a forum post bout it. not sure how helpful it is and it helps!


The BB Bold 9900 Trackpad is a good option I have had some success interfacing to it.

13-pin FPC
1 DOME_A Dome Switch A
2 DOME_B Dome Switch B
3 LED- LED Cathode
4 LED+ LED Anode
5 VDDIO Supply voltage for I/O pads
6 VDDA Operating Voltage supply
7 GND_CSP CSP Ground
8 NRST Resets chips
9 IO_MISO_SDA Bidirectional open drain serial data
10 MOTION Motion Interrupt
11 IO_CLK Clock for serial port
12 GND_ISOLATED Isolated Ground
13 SHUTDOWN Low Iddq Enable


"duende_azul" post put me on the right path...the pinout I found on another forum.

This datasheet was key for me...registers.


@andystedman do you have any success in interfacing and running the trackpad? If yes, can you help me as I am very confused. Any schematics or code will help. It would be very nice of you. Thanks

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