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For a while already i was following the OSTC Project which is, in only a few words, an open source dive computer.
After getting a bit deeper into Arduino and its abilities i wondered - wouldnt that be possible for the Arduino to do?
Its not as if i had in mind to do just that right now.. i have other things to do >< - but generelly i would like to know what you think about it.

Looking at the hardware's specifications looks quite like Arduino could do, especially since the microprocessor looks quite much like our 168 or 328 - just with an ridiculously high  amount of space (i would love having 96kb!).

As a side question.. how would you prepare an enclosing for the Arduino to handle like 40m of water depth? 0o Plastic enclosure and oil?

Website of OSTC: http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/ostc/en/


The Mega328 has 1/3rd the memory of the PIC18F4685, but if 32k is enough for the program, the Arduino should have no trouble handling the job.

As far as waterproofing a project, I'd use an Otterbox.  There's many with clear panels, but you're not going to find a wristwatch form factor there.

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