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if you're looking for a cheap ps2 scanner, look for an old radioshack cue cat. they dont make them anymore, but sometimes you can find them for cheap i.e. less than 5 dollars.


I got a barcode scanner from FreeCycle once:  http://www.freecycle.org/


For a shield with display you have this one in europe http://www.watterott.com/S65-Shield-fuer-Arduino-Duemilanove-Diecimila_1
it has a rotary encoder + pushbutton but no joystick.


Thanks for your help people.
I'm going to order the display from nuelectronics. Halley, good tip :)

About the scanner, since i'm going to use ps2, first i'm going to make all the tests with a keyboard, and after if i manage to create some kind of csv file with the keyboard input, and display some information. i will search for the barcode reader.

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