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doh! :'( just killed my arduino! Put 24v where 24 volts dont belong. Blew a motor driver chip, an mega88, and 99% sure arduio usb - uart chip! I can send data to the arduino, but not recieve! (Does that sound about right?)


Mar 03, 2009, 11:41 pm Last Edit: Mar 03, 2009, 11:42 pm by peter224722 Reason: 1
That`s the advantage of build your own BBBs, you don`t cry that hard if you make a bad mistake.

I do all my testing on my prototype board.   8-)


Mar 04, 2009, 12:26 am Last Edit: Mar 04, 2009, 12:27 am by retrolefty Reason: 1
Yes, we experminators do have brain farts once in a while  ;)

Just a month ago I was excited about building a breadboard setup using a new 644P chip. In checking out the analog input pins I somehow wired -12vdc to a analog input pin! The whole breadboard dimmed and I heard a snap coming from the pin., bummer! Good news was that the damage was limited to only 3 of the 8 analog input pins going dead and otherwise the chip still functions in all other aspects. A good lesson for me, so I rewired my large solderless breadboard to keep the + and - 12vdc voltages available only on the extreme outside power rails, leaving the other three power rails at +5vdc and gnd.



I`ve found that in electronics smoke is normally a bad sign too.

I`ve wired a voltage reg the wrong way round, ( eg 12 volts into the 5 volt side ), I can tell you it`s fatal on the voltage reg.

Most of my errors are late at night, when I should have given up hours before.


the damage was limited to only 3 of the 8 analog input pins going dead and otherwise the chip still functions in all other aspects.

You need to be careful with conclusions like this.  The only damage that you NOTICED was the 3 analog input pins, but there could be other problems that just haven't shown up yet.  Chips that experience such "abuse" should get big "Questionable! stickers on them so that sometime in the future you don't spend days trying to debug software on a chip that has physical damage responsible for its bad behavior!


I agree, I ordered a replacement at the time and put the chip away when it arrived. However while waiting for the replacement I did do a check on all other pins and loaded plenty of sketches and couldn't find anything that didn't work.  :-/


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