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Materia  101 Motor Trouble shooting

Went back to calibrating the Materia101 this afternoon. Noticed that the Y motor was not turning, and just buzzing. Took the motor from the mounting and held it in my hand. I called up the menu and told it to Auto Home. The X and Z motors worked fine, but the Y just buzzed and would not turn.

1. Swapped out the leads from the X motor and  Auto Home turned the Y motor with the X leads. Thought it may be the leads themselves. Since the Y and Z motors have the same type of cable leads
2. Swapped out the Y and  Z leads, the Y motor would not run. aha! it must be the motor controller pads, the Y controller must be bad. Checked out the voltage again per page 47, fig 1 of the assembly manual. All voltages 4.1 or there about.
3. Swapped out motor controller Z and Motor controller y, thinking that if the motor controller was bad, then the trouble would switch from Y to Z.
4. Lo and behold, both motors worked now.
5. The only valid explanation at this time was that when the factory assembled the Ramps board and placed the motor controller pads on the board, one of the inserts on the Y motor controller connector was corroded a bit and interfered with the signal from the board to the controller. Or perhaps the connector on the Ramps board was the culprit.
6. It is now working correctly, but bears watching as it could be one of those come and go troubles.

As an aside, did anyone notice page 22, fig 1 of the Users Manual? If you look at the picture it has a slotted plate covering the  extruder cooling fan. I guess that if you plan on selling a completed machine, you better cover the fan to prevent some one from sticking his fingers in the fan while threading PLA into the feeder. This may be a first opportunity for someone to use their printer to make a thin plastic cover for this fan.


Thanks for sharing. The more we solve problems and share them here the better printing experience we will all have. Honestly, assembling the printer for me is more for learning and stimulation. If all I wanted to do was print parts I would have bought the assembled printer.


Thank you for sharing. I've sent this to out partner Sharebot, so that they can oversee their production-line.

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