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I do a lot of little projects where I use an Arduino Pro Mini or Nano and ether solder them directly to the board or put in pin headers that allow me to simply snap the unit into the board. 8 months ago I put together an eagle cad library and posted it to my web site. In that time it has been downloaded over 6000 times.

I decided to move this to a project and posted it to git hub with lots of improvements.

The link is

I have included all the pinouts I have seen. It seems that A4-A7 move around the board depending on where you order it from.

I have also included a StepStick in the library, I use them from time to time and it is nice to simply add them to the schematic as well.

I hope people find it helpful.

Note to mods, if this is the wrong place to post this please feel free to move it.




Thanks a lot. This library also have the element step stick (A4988)


Hi guys,

So I downloaded the library, but I cannot open it in Eagle 7.7 or 7.4, it says:


line 8, column 16: This is not an EAGLE file.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Never mind, resolved, I had to use "Clone or Download" instead :)


Never mind, resolved, I had to use "Clone or Download" instead :)
I get the same error.  Can you please give this newbie detailed instructions of how you did it?


Look at image, I can import without problems using Version 8.6.3.

But BE CAREFUL, there are a lot of very similar clones and library seems to not include all versions. For example I have a version shown in the photo, compared with the one in the library.

Does some1 have an updated version? I also can't understand why it's used the elonged Vias instead of the round one


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I edited the library, can some1 explain me how to update it on gh?

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