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Hi everyone.  I have developed a stripped-down prototype of a non-contact air conditioner override controller. This mimics the functionality of the commercial product "Coolbot" (storeitcold.com) (not the CoolBot you will find if you search this forum...). This may be of interest to a lot of people for a variety of reasons. This system works by warming the air conditioner sensor so it thinks the room is warm and this will cause it to keep cooling until the first (Room) sensor reaches the setpoint, at which point it stops warming the AC sensor and lets the compressor cycle off; it includes a user settable deadband parameter to minimize compressor cycling; freeze-up of the evaporator fins is avoided by having a second sensor placed in the fins that senses freezing temps and allows the compressor to cycle off until the Fins are thawed. This is a very simple control concept and I have done nothing magical here, just that we do have a working prototype that is successful and I would like to help others avoid the "engineering" phase of a similar project by providing the information that I have found to be functional regarding power levels, sensors, and functional code. The prototype cost me $15 and is implemented on an Arduino Pro Mini, but it would work fine on any other Arduino.

This project is stripped down, no display or input setting keys are used. It works with a compile time setpoint (first version) or one that gets a setpoint (39F to 59F, uncalibrated) from a potentiomenter (second version); the idea is to provide an functioning framework that uses can take, modify and extend to fill specific needs, reducing development time and anxiety about the feasibility of component choices.. Basically, if you want 5C, it just does it, no drama.
This technology is being used by florists, agriculture crop coolers, beer kegroom coolers, etc.

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this. I have information on my webpage:
I'm still adding information to the pages so for a bit it may be changing...

This is a completely non-commercial open project; I have nothing to sell.

I would appreciate any suggestions for a more appropriate forum category, or other ways to share the information.



I would appreciate any suggestions for a more appropriate forum category, or other ways to share the information.
Exhibition / Gallery
Show off, share your projects with the rest of the community



Do you have an updated link to share the project?
I was thinking of starting one from scratch, but if I can use your project as a starting point would be great.


Hey, I am also interested in this information. I know very well how the arduino part can be performed but I need more information about the ColdSnap project since the link apparently is no longer working. I am making a cold walking room and I was just about to buy the CoolBot but I realized there is no much science to expend about $400 for a piece of simple PCB. We can make this better!

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