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Andy R

The wheel and frame are from a $250 Lego Mindstorm NXT. I wanted to give away a few as kits, so I didn't want to break up my NXT and I wanted it to be cheap.

Andy R

The design is completely original but the inspiration is completely derivative. It is similar to many first bot projects.


Parts from old VCR or K7 recorders


For frames, you can use extruded aluminum, found in many hardware stores.  For a small bot like that, it may be a little pricey, but for bigger stuff it seems pretty cheap.  It's easy to cut and assemble.  Any sheet metal taken from the case of a dead appliance or equipment can be cut into shape.  I've even had to pound out bends and folds from the original metal work to get a flat sheet the size I want.  Same for plastic chassis parts.

If you can't find salvaged/scavenged wheels, hardware stores sell replacement caster wheels and such that can be used.  I've seen them under the two-dollar range.  But old broken toy cars ad RC cars are the best source.  Many can be found at yard sales and the flea market.
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