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yes I was considering using an ESP32 as well. This would have two or three great advantages!
Onboard Bluetooth, (parallel) processing power and WiFi. OTA Updates!!!

Theoretically you can put all the converting stuff in another process, separated from the communication. If this really speeds the system up... I don´t know! The ECU limits the amount of requests.

Anything else is "nice to have" from my perspective.

But: The Arduino libraries seems not to be ready, yet. Bluetooth is not working for me. Using EEPROM reboots it. WiFi connections takes more time than an ESP8266...

You should regulate the voltage! There are possibilities to have voltage peaks and the Arduino gets very hot, if you max the VIN out. It often quits, until it´s cooled down again. The chinese Ardu´s earlier then officials.

The L9637-D needs a PullUp-resistor between K-Line and power supply. That´s it, more or less :)


Hi TriB, today we have talked also on Hangouts...hope to continue that conversation! :D
Do you mean this kind of issue with BT serial ports?! https://hackaday.com/2017/08/17/secret-serial-port-for-arduinoesp32/
I don't think to be able to make some complex stuff at the moment...i was confident that changing few things was possible to make it works also on this ESP32... :/
About the pullup-resistor, maybe i've something here around in my house!


No, I´ve read about BT issues in some german threads. But it seems to be related with the Firmware according to the manufacturer of the board. It wasn´t completely ready at that time.
Currently mine is just using WiFi and located under a wall. So I cannot test it  :smiley-yell:

Code changes must be done for BT serial and Hardware serial pin matching. Onboard LED is also different and as I said, EEPROM didn´t work fine for me.
With that changed, you can attach the L9637D and it should work.

510Ohm will do the deal to straighten the signal on the K-line.


Change the SoftwareSerial to the HardwareSerial and LED pins...ok, i believe that i can do it  :) .
However my ESP32 is available for you if you need it!  :smiley-cool:
Can you tell me what is that fw issue with ESP32?!


TriB: tnx for all your information

The device is working (with modification on electrical circuit) - first test with torque pro


Dear all,
Thank you very much for this really great post.

I would also like to add this functionality for my Versys 650 ABS 2013. Especially the gear indicator.
I have a question...

What connector name brand type is used to connect to the KDS connector on the bike.

Best Regards


What connector name brand type is used to connect to the KDS connector on the bike.
Hi keremoktem,
I expect it to be this one.
It is the most common on lots of Kawasaki.


Hey guys,
thanks so much for all the info provided here.

Quick question:

Has anybody experimented with the service code 0X31 in KDS (start routine by local ID)?

After reading the KWP2000 docs and checking some sample files from Healtech software it seems you can initiate actuator tests (such as fuel pump test) with this code.

Any hint or help is appreciated.




yes I was playing around with them a bit, but with no success.
Every 0x31 I put into the bike, was responded with 0x7F. So I ended my attempts and concentrated on other things. As many other SID´s, Kawasaki does not support what KWP2000 or ISO14230 describes. Or they just differ the service ID to it.

I know Suzuki supports that as well, but the messages are quite different:
Testing the cooling fan
ON : 80 12 F1 06 A5 06 80 00 00 00 B4
OFF: 80 12 F1 06 A5 06 00 00 00 00 34

As you can see, no 0x31.

And then, there is the diagnostic mode, we are starting all the time (0x10 0x80). Like known supported PID´s as 0x0E (Injector 1 Operating time), we also receive 0x7F.
Why is that? I expect we are using the wrong mode! There is surely another mode, which allows tester or manipulating stuff.

Right now, I repair my Gsx-R to be on the track by may. If I´ll be on time, I´ll move on testing the Z750r :)

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