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N'étant pas très à l'aise en électronique je préfère mettre de coté le S2083 de peur de faire une bêtise.  :-/

Sinon, j'ai récupéré une autre souris optique avec comme capteur le ADNS-2030 , par contre  la tension est de 3.3V re :-/ (normal souris sans fil) , bon la prochaine sera la bonne lol .


hmm.. je ne suis pas sûr que je comprends que tu as écrit (like I said, my French is limited...)

It looks like the ADNS-2030 is the low power version of ADNS-2051. It uses the same commands/addresses.
However, it's maximum supply voltage is 3.6V... So you'll probably break it if you try to connect it to your Arduino (because it's powered with 5V).

If you post a detailed scan or picture of the S2083 circuit (both top and bottom sides), I can have look at it for you, peut-être, je peux éloigner un peut de l'incertitude... (forgive if if I'm talking nonsense... I'm trying ;))


Yes you understand about the ADNS-2030.

I post pictures of the s2083 circuit tomorrow.


Voici les photos du s2083:

Dis moi si tu veux plus de détails.


This is what I make of it:

So I compared it to the example circuit in the datasheet of the ADNS-2610 (You can download it here: http://www.avagotech.com/products/optical_navigation_sensors/led-based_sensors/a dns-2610/ )
And it's very much alike. I can't be 100% sure if it's right, but I'm pretty sure :)

As I suggested before, I would measure the voltage over the GND (pin 6) and the Vdd (pin 7) of the S2083 when the mouse is plugged in. You can do this with any simple household voltage meter (multi meter).
It should measure around 5V between these two pins (6 & 7) when the mouse is connected to your computer.

Then I'd just follow my tutorial from Step 4 (http://www.martijnthe.nl/optimouse/arduino-optical-mouse.html ).
Probably you can skip cutting the connection to the mouse controller (Step 3).

I would try the ADNS-2610 driver in the library on my site. (see instructions in the examples in the library)

If you have more questions, you know where to pose them ;)

Bonne chance

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