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I posted a tutorial in English to interface optical mouse sensors to the Arduino.
I also made a simple Arduino library for it, supporting several popular sensors.

You can find it here:


Thanks Benoît for the idea!


Super intéressant ce post  :D

J'aurais bien aimé faire de même avec une de mes souris optique , seulement je ne trouve pas d'information sur les datasheets du composant optique  :-/
Dessus il est inscrit S2083 A0723C, même si je remplace les zéros par des O je ne trouve rien.
C'est du microsoft, ce qui expliquerait peut être le pourquoi  ;) .

Sinon le capteur optique ressemble très fortement a celui de mthe (afin c'est principalement du au fait qu'il est 8 broches). Puis-je éventuellement effectuer les même branchements sans risques?


This Chinese guy/girl is also mentioning the S2083 in an Microsoft mouse:

Unfortunately, I can't read Chinese...
However, the circuit and the IC look very much like the Avago/Agilient ADNS-2610.
I suspect the IC is actually from that same company. Try Googling on "ADNS 2083"... However, I couldn't find a datasheet on the 2083.

This is what I would do:
1) Compare the circuit in your mouse with the example circuit in the datasheet of the ADNS-2610 (You can download it here: http://www.avagotech.com/products/optical_navigation_sensors/led-based_sensors/adns-2610/ )
2) Probably, you'll then be able to figure out which pin is what.
3) Then I would measure the voltage over the GND and the Vdd of the S2083 when the mouse is plugged in, just to be sure it's the same as the Arduino (5V).
4) I'd be pretty confident by now that you can follow the tutorial I wrote without breaking the chip. I suspect the communication is pretty much the same as the other ICs (ADNS-2610, ADNS-2051 and PAN-3101). Probably it's a little bit different in functionality, but I would suggest just trying the different classes in the library and see what works and what not.

It would be nice to know what works for you, so I can add that information to the library.

Bonne chance! Et excusez-moi for my lacking French.


Thanks mthe.

I will try during the weekend and I will keep you about test.

I apologize for my English. :P

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