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I'm about to start playing around with the Arduino again and I was wondering what other people did with regards to building their projects and keeping everything tidy and organised.

I'm looking at getting a piece of wooden board about 25x25cm maybe to which I can mount a breadboard  , the Arduino and any other bits and pieces such as USB connectors, etc. At the moment I've got wires going from the Arduino to the breadboard and everytime I move from one place to another it's a bit messy whereas having a solid flat board that I could attach things to would keep everything organised.

If not a wooden board then maybe a plastic tray I could tack things to. Does anyone else have this problem and what do you do?


I go for the feral look with wires all over the place. Neatness only happens once the project works.

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I've just bought a plastic chopping board and will be using that to mount the Arduino board, breadboard and an intermediary socket for the USB power. That should keep things nice and tidy.

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