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My job:
  • Writing all kinds of C++ programs (for the moment: cryptography, and user interfaces for the Mac)
  • Fixing all kinds of C/C++/Python bugs
  • I love writing flexible frameworks, and the corresponding Python/Ruby/Lua interfaces
I have absolutely no experience in electronics, and found that the Arduino board was a great way to get started in both electronics, and embedded software.


I wish I was a real artist, and not one of the TAOCP*-kind.

* The art of Computer Programming


pc repair shop owner. and im only 18 ;P

mountain computer solutions, in asheville nc.
im actually posting from there. lots of computers to fix but they're all in loading bars so i get to sit back and get paid to browse the net. for now atleast. :)



Firmware engineer, telecom/storage industry


CAD Operator - For an electronics company (I design Plastic Enclosures)

Engineering Documentation Control - For the same Company, I design/control all the Engineering Documents/Binders to Manufacture our Assemblies.


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My job title is 'Application Engineer', which means I do some SQL querying and writing VB.Net software.

I will be unemployed per 1st of april 2009  >:( That's is for the first time in a >20 year career.


I studied electronics, but now working as a software engineer for safety critical, real time embedded systems.

In theory, I'm ideally suited to Arduino development, but still a noob really, so lets see how well I put the theory into practice ;)


Graphics animator / video editor / audio editor / graphics artist.


Technical Marketing Manager for a Test Equipment company.
Capacitor Expert By Day, Enginerd by night.  ||  Personal Blog: www.baldengineer.com  || Electronics Tutorials for Beginners:  www.addohms.com


Post-Doc (if it is a work) in Astrophysic, writing code for spectroscopical analysis.

Interested in making stuffs in general, really excited about Arduino (it's italian too  8-) ).



ex-SDE , now full time dad of 3. Playing with arduino to keep the brain going and for fun with the oldest (9).

Currently waiting for a futurlec shipment so we can make animatronic yoda head that will wake up and heckle, when you play our Star Wars pinball machine.


Student and arduino abuser


Vibration Analyst
Graduating in May in Mechanical Engineering

Interested in Mechatronics

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