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Freelance Software Developer. Mainly Banking software (Branch Automation, Web Banking, Communication Interfacing).

VoIP and Electronics "Aficionado"


I'm an old retired guy.  A once younger guy who did various things, worked at various jobs, went to various schools, learned some electronics in the military, civilian tech. school, and, as an already old dude, some electrical engineering.
Again, I say, "WOW", to all the previous answers.
No wonder I feel like:
[size=14]The Brown Shoe Guy[/size]


Test Engineer focusing on Automated Optical Inspetction and final assembly functional testing.


Electronic Engineering student working at a government research lab for a co-op job. Basically an engineer hands me schematics and I physically lay out what the device looks like on the chip.

Software looks like this:

Not just an inverter though, we're working towards a 1cm square chip, so alot more complicated. (many orders of magnitude)


Full time student studying New Media and Interaction Design (A fancy word of saying: "Make my application interactive and engaging, please").

I freelance web development on the side (I have to pay the tuition some how!)--and I'm also practicing digital painting/sketching/drawing... I would like to work as a Concept Artist one day, instead of in the IT field!


Credit risk manager in a italian financial bank.
But i love computer and i work (saturday and sunday) with my father (he has a little factory) as network and server admin...
My blog:


Project Manager and Product Specialist for a company that manufactures fixed-mount barcode scanners for factory automation.

Basically I teach people how to use specialized cameras to read barcodes, and give them support when they have trouble.

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