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try using Processing (Arduino's sibling environment) and see how easily you can live with clicking on sketches and have the wrong environment come up.

Ah! I see!

I never used Processing in my own projects so far. I assumed it uses another extention. So it is not the case obviously

Is this the same case with Arduino's nephew Wiring?


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Wiring predated Arduino so its more uncle than nephew.

Wiring does use the same extension


This is something I'd like to do for 1.0, and also one of the reasons that I think the 1.0 name is useful.  It's a non-backwards compatible change, but one that's small and useful.  

I'm leaning towards .ade for the parallel with Processing and .pde, but .ino is tempting too.  


Which one doesn't really matter too much, I think, as long as it != .pde. :-)

Personally, I like the parallel with Processing also, even though I have no idea what the "de" stands for -- Development Environment ??

Of course, in Italian, "Arduino" was the name of a king (as well as the bar in Ivrea), but the "ino" suffix is also signifies the diminutive.



yeah well as stated in the other forum topic mentioned above, .ade is used already so I think .ino would be just fine :)


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