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I read a lot of posts on this forum and feel that many questions asked could be solved due to searching the forum. But I feel that, even for my own problems; the forum search isn't powerful or precise enough to be able to find the right things. It doesn't seem to be able to find some very obvious matches sometimes. What does anyone else think?

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Totally agree.

I've ended up using google as:

needle1 needle2 user site:arduino.cc

Will (usually) give plenty arduino forum posts from 'user' containing the two keywords.


I usually do all my searching through the search box on them main arduino.cc site.  That one searches both the forums and playground in one swoop.


@ AlphaBeta: Clarification please? I'm guessing needle1 & needle2 are keywords (needle programming language?)
I'd like to try your method once I understand it.


Yeah google's really good for searching anything. I've found it almost always gives better results than forum searching, and there's no minimum of letters.


I see how that was a bit cryptic.  :-[


'Needle1' was just a word I selected to indicate 'whatever you search for'.
You know the classic:

Needle in a haystack.

Additionally, it is a common practice to use needle as the variable name for the search string in search engines:)


If i want find the thread you made about a glossary I search google for:

needle1 = glossary
user = rodmac
glossary rodmac site:arduino.cc



If you use Chrome (and maybe Firefox) here is a macro that makes Google site search easier . . .
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@ AlphaBeta: Thanks for the clarification; after a couple of tries, that makes sense. First successful search got 210 hits, heaps more than I got from a forum search on the same topic (< 12) :).

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