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what are the arduino community's favorite sci-fi novels?

i personaly like the military sci-fi books by David Drake, my favorites are "The Forlorn Hope" and "Grimmer Than Hell"

good books to check out if your into military sci-fi.
*insert reading rainbow review here* ;P


I used to readl a lot of  sci fi, but I haven't read much in the last few years.

Some of my favorites were by Isaak Asimov, his robot books and his foundation books

Arthur C Clarke, "2001, A space odyssey",  "Childhoods End" a few others.

Greg Bear and Gregory Benford wrote 'tech' oriented sci fi.

Many others, too numerous to mention.  ;)


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Read a lot of SF when younger, not much in recent decades. Two that I really enjoyed and managed to remember their titles:

The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein.

I also use to enjoy SF short stories in the monthly SF mags.

And I'll second the Robot series, they were classics

EDIT: Just remembered how much I enjoyed Spyder Robertson's many stories around Callagan's bar. If you like humor and SF this is the best stuff.



Changeling / Madwand  -  Roger Zelazny


My personal all-time favorites are simply all novels done by arthur c clarke, especially Rama 1, 2001 and Ghost from the Grand banks... from other authors i love:
Frank Herbert: Dune (as well as all the novels that are now done by his son.. awesome work to kepp SUCH a project alive!)
Stanislav Lem: Solaris
Tad Williams: Otherland (yet only the first novel..)


John Brunner: The Shockwave Rider
I think I need to move Bujold up to favorite author status, though.  She can hold a set of characters together for a rather lengthy set of books...


Not quite Sci-Fi more fantasy.
Titus Groan, by Mervyn Peake.
My favourite book of all time.

As for out and out Sci Fi.
Foundation series. Isaac Asimov.
Anything by William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, Peter F Hamilton and may others.

Just re-reading the Mars series by Kim Stanley Robinson.
Very plausable sci fi and a good story.



I have to admit to being a bit of a junky for this type of reading. One of the authors I find easiest to read and that still provides a good story line is Alastair Reynolds.



well i just added a few books to my "to read" list. lol :P


Michael Crichton:

The Andromeda Strain, Prey


The Forever War - Joe Haldeman. Best novella ever IMO.


Just as retrolefty said:-
Read a lot of SF when younger, not much in recent decades.

But there was a compilation of short stories called "The Expert Dreamers", all written by scientists. I particularity remember one story called "On the feasibility of coal fuelled power stations". It was set in the far future when fissionable material was running out and they were looking for alternate fuel sources.


I would have to strongly recommend the Sector General series by James White, especially if you have any interest in medical topics.  Very Tolkien-esque like writing of developing an entire "universe" along with a custom classification system for alien species I found fascinating.

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