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My name is Daniel and I'm a newcomer to this forum, and I think my first post will be a bit complicated.
I have done basic things with Arduino and now I wanted to salvage an old car stereo 7 segment LCD. I would like to use an Arduino to drive it. I thought it would be pretty straightforward but it seems to be a bit "old".

The LCD comes from a Bavaria Electronic II unit manufactured by BECKER. It has 5 characters, one decimal point and two custom indicators (Mhz and Khz). As you can see in the radio schematic extract I've attached, it is driven by a PCF2112T LCD driver, that relies on something called C-Bus. Problem is, I have no idea what C-Bus is, and I don't know if I would need a library to use it.

I'm not very used to use communication protocols with Arduino, but I'm open to all of your ideas to help me understand it and maybe get it to work.

In the datasheet I attached, and on the schematic too, it seems that it has one 6V pin, one ground, and DLEN, CLB and DATA. But I don't understand how to manage the 3 wires needed to communicate to the LCD.

Again, all help would be appreciated as I would like to learn as much as I can.

Thank you

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