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When is 0008 for Linux coming out?  Alternatively, how can I use the EEPROM library in 0007?


You should be able to just stick the library in the lib/targets/libraries sub-directory of your Arduino application directory.  You can get it by downloading one of the other 0008 distributions (the libraries are platform-independent) or from svn at: http://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/arduino/trunk/targets/libraries/EEPROM/

I'll try to get Arduino 0008 for Linux out soon, or may just skip straight to 0009, since that one's coming out soon.  Sorry for the delay; it's been busy here and unfortunately a Linux distribution tends to be one of the things that slips (maybe because more Linux users will just grab the code out of subversion and build it themselves).  I hope to have something for you all soon.


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