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I am developing a system to connect to WiFi using a ConnectOne iWiFi Socket device - I just wonder if anyone has any experience with this - or any modem drivers?

This device is a serial to WiFi module, and has email client etc built-in.  I'm making a device to take in measurements from wireless and batteryless sensors using EnOcean STM 110 modules to monitor things like pond temperature, water flow and level and other sensors around the house, recieve them using an EnOcean TCM 120 connected to Arduino, then send email alerts using the ConnectOne module.

Biggest problem seems to be the fact I'll need two serial ports - one for the EnOcean receiver, and one for the WiFi module.  Any easy way of creating two 19,200bps serial ports on the board?


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check the soft serial example in the playground, for a way to have two serial lines at the same time


Software serial is too slow for 19200.

The ATmega128 has two hardware serial ports.


Any easy way of creating two 19,200bps serial ports on the board?

Would you need to use both at the same time? Could you get away with using one and switching which device is active?


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