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To the correspondent who suggested road speed instead of engine speed -- it's simpler and safer to have one interface that works, and by checking engine speed the only way to go wrong is if the idiot behind the wheel isn't in the gear used when establishing the initial 'speed'.

Is this application targeted towards a manual or automatic transmission? Performance or Cruising?

Consider the cases when someone shifts into and out of gear. What happens? Is this the desirable behavior of cruise control? When someone is setting cruise, they are expecting to hold a constant speed, what makes RPM more attractive?  

If you're using RPM, consider the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) because your pulse capture mechanisms will be very similar. Do you have any ABS sensors in the car you're trying to outfit this to?

tim hirzel

Sounds like a wild project.  For fear of life and limb, I like the idea of starting by hopping up a golf cart and then perhaps do servo controlled steering too?  wait... that's much more dangerous!

For what its worth, I've put a PID control application on the Playground that could be a good starting place.  It's setup for temp control right now, but easily adapted.



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