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1. Align the header with 2.54mm grid.

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Place an second row of header align to standard grid. So it will be compatible to existing shield and your proto board. Both of the headers will be soldered, or either of them.

Is it possible to do ? What solution do you have ? Headers with a 1.27mm pitchs ?

3. Possibility for USB HID support.

Great ! Worth trying, I think.

Maybe you could include the side switch instead of the jumper for selecting between USB and external power.
Maybe the same switch for the auto-reset.

Nice update to the board family, in any case ^^



Is it possible to do ? What solution do you have ? Headers with a 1.27mm pitchs ?

Easily.  I suggested this ages ago in the bugs and suggestions forum.  Imagine the standard Arduino Diecimila board.  Now along the digital IO connectors put a second row of IO connectors 0.1 inches closer to the edge of the board (you may need to make the board 0.1 inches wider).  The second row can easily be attached to the first row on the PCB (each pin is just a 0.1 inch jump away), but now on the second row, correct the spacing to 0.2 inches between the two headers.

You can connect a shield to the old connectors or a standard perf board to the new headers.


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