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On the Arduino Playground you can find now our Theremin Project.
Look in the category "capacitive sensing".



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Hey nice work Martin. What about adding a reference oscillator and then just counting difference freq?

Is it tricky? It would get rid all of the autocalibrate fuss, and tend to yield more of an instantaneous response I think.

paul badger


Hello Paul,
you are right, with an reference oscillator and counting the differences you are more close to the original theremin but the whole thing gets much more complex. When the oscillator freq is close to the reference the oscillator is syncronized to the reference due to minimal unwanted coupling. You can get rid of that effect only with a third intermediate oscillator ( works like an am radio) . I build such a theremin a while ago and it was working nice with a good sound.
In this case the intension was to use the theremin more as a sensor.

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